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Tokio Kurohara (黒原 トキオ, Kurohara Tokio) is the main character of the Choujin X manga series. He is 16 years old and a second-year student at Tsuru High. Following the events of the first chapter, Tokio became a Bestial Choujin (獣化の超人, Jūka no Chōjin).


Tokio is a tall, fairly slim teenage boy with no particularly striking features. His relatively short black hair, which covers a good portion of the right side of his face including his eye, neatly flows down the back of his neck and spikes upwards at the ends. His eyes, which are black in colour, seem to have rather small irises in contrast with other characters seen thus far. Throughout the series he wears a multitude of different outfits, the only consistent one being his school uniform.


Tokio is quite laid-back, not caring at all for his classes and seemingly having no motivation to stand out in some way. He'd rather stay in Azuma's shadow, feeling popular in his stead. He's meek and awkward around people he's not close to, often not knowing what to say or how to hold a proper conversation. However, he has been changing slightly yet noticeably, gaining a purpose and slowly building his self-confidence. During fights he shows a bit of an intense/scary side to him (i.e. suggesting for Ely to broil Nari from the inside out). He easily empathizes with others and is quick to understand their circumstances.


As a small child, he and his classmates went on a field trip to a zoo, where they had to draw an animal that represented them. After Azuma got compared to a lion, Tokio's peers decided to mock him by comparing him to a vulture, an animal that has negative undertones associated with it. They continued to bully him until he broke down into tears before running away. Later, Azuma caught up to him and consoled him, pointing out a cool fact about vultures, which made Tokio see them in a more positive way. The event seemingly became a treasured memory for him, as his room can be seen decorated with a picture of a vulture[1].


Tokio Kurohara, a 16-year-old high school student from Tsuru High in Yamato Prefecture, notices the plane fall from the sky as he is daydreaming. After getting reprimanded by his teacher, he goes out and notices a young woman getting harassed by a group of thugs led by Johnny Kiyoshi Takeyama. Tokio calls his friend Azuma Higashi to come and help defeat the thugs. Azuma breaks both of Johnny's arms and rescues the young woman, gaining her thanks. The duo walk away and discuss the terrorist attack on the plane that occurred earlier, and how it was committed by a Choujin. Azuma goes on to say that Choujin should use their power for good instead of yielding it selfishly. They then discuss roly poliies (also known as pill bugs), and the metaphor between them and Choujin.

Tokio, now at home, reminisces about his childhood and how Azuma consoled him after getting bullied. The next morning, he and Azuma are volunteers helping with the clean-up of the plane crash, but notes that the plane is almost intact and that there were 200 survivors.

That night, as both boys are going back home, they are ambushed by Johnny and his gang. Johnny attacks Azuma and knocks him to the floor, and his arms are completely healed. Azuma fights back, but when he punches Johnny, he realizes that his body is now elastic and has rubbery skin, making him impervious to physical attacks by Azuma. He has become a Choujin. Johnny extends his neck out to beat Azuma up with ease. The frightened goons plead for their boss to stop, but he doesn't, giving Tokio a window for running away and save Azuma. Tokio swims away with Azuma in his grip and land on a concrete riverbank, where they notice a syringe. Azuma wants to take the syringe himself to become a Choujin and defeat Johnny, but Tokio can't bear watching from the side-lines any more and wants to help. He injects himself with the syringe and goes to fight Johnny. Tokio transformed into a vulture-like form and swiftly defeats Johnny.

He carries Azuma in an attempt to get him to the hospital, he falls and Azuma wakes up, he is grateful that Azuma is okay. Azuma says that he'll go to the hospital by himself and that Tokio should head back home. He wakes up the next day and is hungry so he makes himself food and calls his school pretending to have a fever. He calls Azuma to check if he is okay, when he doesn't reply, Tokio got worried and thinks about what Azuma told him, he dresses up to best hide his face and says that he's headed to the shop. He walks to Azuma's house worrying about if he's okay or not, when he finally gets there he calls Azuma and notices a light on in his house, Azuma picks up and apologises for not replying and said that he had a blood test and noticed that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Tokio remarks that he still looks like a bird, and Azuma says that he thinks Choujin take on the form that they most desire. Tokio is asking him what to do and Azuma yells at him, making them both really upset.

Power & Abilities

Choujin ability: Beastification

  • Full Beastification (Vulture Choujin): Tokio has the ability to turn into a vulture-like form that enables him to move at seemingly super-fast speeds and to make long jumps. During his first attempt at Full Beastification, he mentions his body feeling really light. That paired with the fact that his arm shattered from one punch to Nari may point to one of the drawbacks of this form - his bones becoming hollow like a bird's.
  • Bird Interpreter: Tokio is able to understand the language of birds.
  • Armored Wings: Tokio gains protective armored wings that can be used to block attacks and damage while granting him the ability to fly.
  • Raise: Tokio can "die" and heal all his wounds and injuries instantly.
  • Superhuman Speed: Tokio is able to move at superhuman speeds that exceed regular humans.
  • Superhuman Strength: Tokio was able to smash Ume against a wall, hold Nari's Full Beastified Mouth open and punch Johnny far away.
  • Superhuman Forbearance: Tokio fell and smashed his face on the ground, popping his eye out and barely acknowledged it, only raised.
  • Wings: Tokio is capable of summoning his wings and using them to fly. He appears to be strong enough to hold another person while in the air.




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